The Homegoing of Jerrel Shaw, Sr.

In Memory of Jerrel Shaw, Sr.
March 18, 1940-March 3, 2019

Jerrel Kenneth Shaw was born to Clayton and Irene Shaw on March 18, 1940, in New Palestine, IN. He spent his early years as a barber before the Lord called him to the mission field. He received degrees from the Clarksville School of Theology, as well as a Doctorate of Religious Education from Emmanuel Baptist School in Atlanta, GA.

Bro. Shaw and his wife Francis first went to Mexico in 1972 with their daughters, Kimberly and Kathlene. They joined WWNTBM in June of 1976. After his wife’s passing in 1979, he married Delia Gonzalez on November 12, 1980, and they have one son, Jerry.

Bro. Shaw had a great burden to train preachers and to build churches. Even before he had started the Bible School, he took in two boys, Salvador Lara, and Galaad Gallegos, and raised them as sons in his own home so he could train them for ministry. The Lord allowed him to start and pastor 7 churches, and he was instrumental in building 23 churches across Mexico. The Bible College has seen over 400 graduates, more than 100 of which are currently serving in pastorates. For many years he hosted an annual field conference, where individuals from all over Mexico and the United States would gather and be encouraged to reach the world with the Gospel.

Bro. Shaw had a passion for restoring old cars. He wrote several Gospel tracts based on the restoration stories of vehicles he purchased on the scrap heap and converted into refurbished classics. He often visited car lots and race tracks and used the theme of restoration as a bridge to share the message of new life in Christ.

Bro. Shaw was a man of great humility. He wrote in a recent letter, “I have often wondered how, or why, the Lord took a man out of a town with a population of 504, and how He could make anything out of a person such as I. Only the Lord can do things like this!” He was ever conscious that he lived “in the circumference of Christ’s wonderful love.” His intense passion and love for souls inspired the mission family of World Wide New Testament Baptist Mission for 43 years.

Jerrel Shaw entered the joy of his Lord on March 3, 2019. Memorial services were held in Guadelejara, Mexico, on March 3 and 4. Visitation for family and friends in the United States will be held at 1:00 p.m. on March 23, at Bethel Baptist Church, Greenfield, IN, with a memorial service at 3:00 p.m.

Please remember to pray for Mrs. Delia as she faces many adjustments in the days ahead. Also, pray for Jerry and Itzen Shaw, and the ongoing ministries in Mexico. Condolences may be sent to Mrs. Delia at [email protected], and to Jerry and Itzen at [email protected].