From Our President: June 2017

Danny Whetstone

In Galatians Paul sets before us the contrast of the man that walks after the flesh and the man that is controlled by the Spirit. In Galatians 5:17, he says that the flesh and the Spirit are in a vicious battle against each other. We know this to be true in daily life. It seems that sometimes life is so easy, and then, right out of nowhere, the battle rages as though there was never a moment of peace.

Read his description of walking in the flesh in verses 19-21. How does the world, the flesh, and the devil make this look so good as we are moving through life? We know that this is a path of destruction, but it is so easy to yield to the temptation. Look at God’s declaration of sin in the last half of Romans 1. Could a picture be more deplorable? And yet men revel in it to the fullest.

On the other hand consider the beauty of a life led by the Spirit of God. In verses 22-26 we see the fruit that is produced when the Holy Spirit is in control of our lives. Love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance are wonderful things to cultivate in our daily walk. It seems to be like a garden doesn’t it? The weeds (flesh) can flourish in almost any circumstance. However, the fruit of the Spirit requires constant diligence to make sure that we are yielded to the Lord.

Note this: “…against such there is no law.” Demonstrate God’s love all you want to. There is no law against it. Embrace joy all you want to. There is no law against it. The same could be said of each of the fruits of the Spirit. Absolutely no law against them. There are plenty of laws against the works of the flesh, but not one against the fruit of the Spirit.

Living in the Spirit requires walking in the Spirit. It isn’t enough to talk about how much control the Lord has in our lives. That control will of necessity show up in our daily walk. It will also manifest its presence to others. Oh, that we would cultivate a garden that would fill the world around us with the sweet fragrance of God!

I pray the Lord will bless you abundantly as you seek to serve Him this month. You are making the greatest investment known to man. You are investing yourself in the lives of others to the glory of God. He will bless!

In His Service,
Danny A. Whetstone

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Prayer & Dates: June 2017

June Prayer/Praises and Special Dates

Click the link above to download a PDF of prayer requests and praises as well as the birthdays and anniversaries for June. Note: You will need to login to SecureCloud in order to view this document. Once you have logged in, click on Files, Shared, then Headquarter Happenings, then scroll to the month you would like to view. This step protects people with WWNTBM in restricted access fields.

From the Memo Board: June 2017

Dates to Know

June 19-23 – The Office will be closed for Family Fellowship Week.

July 4 – The Office will be closed for Independence Day.

August 20-24, 2018 – Encouragement Conference in Germany.

Encouragement Meetings

Have you joined one of our encouragement meetings yet? We have had some great feedback from those who have attended, or who have listened to the recordings. We invite you to join in and be uplifted!

Weekly meetings, geared primarily towards those on deputation, are held each Friday at 10:00 a.m. (Eastern Daylight Time). Meetings geared primarily towards those in a field-based ministry are currently being held twice each month. These are scheduled for 9:00 a.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) on the second Tuesday morning of each month, and for 9:00 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time) on the fourth Tuesday evening of each month. Questions about how to join one of the meetings may be directed to Laura Cmaylo.

The upcoming schedule of meetings is as follows:

Tuesday, June 13th – 9:00 a.m.
Tuesday, June 27th – 9:00 p.m.
Tuesday, July 11th – 9:00 a.m.
Tuesday, July 25th – 9:00 p.m.

Uplift Podcasts

Last month we announced our newest website – – where we publish podcast of our weekly and bi-weekly meetings. We have finished uploading all prior podcasts, and have streamlined the site. Check us out and subscribe to these podcasts to be encouraged and stay connected. Users will need to log in to the site in order to protect the content, so that any material shared in meetings will be confidential within the World Wide family. The username is wwntbm. The password is gospel. Be sure to check back frequently to be edified and uplifted!

New Baby

Congratulations to Stephen and Charity Jenney on the birth of their newest baby, Noah Charles. He was born on May 1, and weighed 9 pounds 6 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long. The Jenneys are on deputation to go to the Southwestern United States. Noah is their 3rd son, and joins his brothers Judson (2) and Samuel (1).





New Missionaries

Stephen and Anelly Villarreal have been accepted with World Wide as our newest missionaries to Mexico. They are sent out of the Temple Baptist Church in Laurens, SC, with Pastor David Johnston. Bro. Villarreal grew up in Mexico, where his parents are missionaries. Anelly (pronounced Áhnalee) is also from Mexico. They graduated from West Coast Baptist College and had their civil wedding ceremony this past month. They will have their religious ceremony in August. Their plans are to go to Mexico to serve as furlough replacements for his parents for one year, before returning to the US to begin deputation. Pray for them as they begin their new life and ministry together!


Smothers Wedding

Congratulations to Joel Smothers and Noel Ring, who will be married on Saturday, June 10! Joel has already been traveling on deputation with World Wide. Noel grew up in Brazil where her family continues to serve as missionaries. She has been teaching at the Puerto Rico Baptist College for the past two years. Please be in prayer for this young couple as they begin their life together, and as they raise support for their future ministry in Brazil. They plan to work with the Dickens family.

The God of the Impossible

“The Israelites could not conquer Canaan if they could not get to it, and getting to it required taking an impossible path–across the raging Jordan River. We too are sometimes called in our ministries to do what seems impossible. We must prepare to walk the impossible path by clinging to God’s promises. His presence makes the impossible path a road you can take.” Author unknown

If you today are facing a seemingly impossible task, meditate on these words by Frank Garlock:

I don’t know how God hangs the world on nothing,
Or how He keeps the planets each in place.
I cannot count the sands upon the seashore,
Nor can I count the stars that float in space.
But God can do what seems impossible;
God controls eternity.
My mind can never comprehend it,
But God in heaven cares for me!

“And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.” Mark 10:27

Featured Article: Questions God Asked Hagar

Bro. Keith Klaus (missionary to Germany) shared this devotional on Uplift, our weekly podcast. We trust it will be a blessing to our entire missions family. It is taken from a series of messages he has recently preached in his church on “Questions God Asks of Man.”

God always asks questions not for information, but to get mankind to respond to Him. (Genesis 16:1-6)

The story begins with a promise from God to Abraham. Initially, Abraham simply took God at His Word and believed that He could and would do something special. However, as time went on and they had no son, Abraham and Sarah did what most of us do. We think on God’s promises and identify the “problems” with His plans. There is no indication that Sarah believed God as Abraham had. So as she thought of the “problems,” she also presented her own solution. From a human perspective, her solution worked – at least initially. God often does allow our solutions to work, even if they go against His plan. But, those solutions often have consequences that we are not prepared to deal with.

As trouble grew between Hagar and Sarah, Sarah chose to blame Abraham. Abraham put the responsibility back on her to find another solution to the current crisis, and Sarah chose to respond with harshness. The result was that Hagar fled from home.

Enter God. He finds Hagar in the desert and asks her two critical questions. “Where are you coming from?” and “Where are you going?”

The first question God ever asked Adam was, “Where are you?” But here, He already knows where to find Hagar. He knew she was in a place of turmoil. God asked Jacob, “What is your name?” but here He called Hagar by name because He wanted to have a personal conversation with her.

There are two other instances in Scripture where God asks, “Where did you come from?” Both times He was addressing Satan in Job 1:7 and 2:2. A similar question is recorded when Christ met Nathanael, and Nathanael asked Christ, “Where did you find me?” Of course, Christ knew where Nathanael had come from–Christ had seen him before Philip had called him.

These two questions are applicable to those on deputation or in missions! We focus often on where we came from, whether we list our home country, or our home state, or the last meeting we were in before we arrived at the current location.

The second question, “Where are you going?” is equally important, but notice that Hagar did not answer the second question. She focused on the first. There was much she could have said. She focused on the pain. She was engaged with the current problems she faced and was overwhelmed with the burden. Perhaps she intended to return to Egypt. If that was the case, there is good chance she did not even know how to get there. There was a slim chance she, as a pregnant woman alone in the desert, would survive the trip.

We too must identify where we are coming from. Think of where God has brought you. Understand the history of how He has led you to this point. But then, as with Paul, you must look forward. Put the past in the past and press forward.

Hagar did not answer the second question. All she knew was that she decided to leave her troubles behind. Every decision brings results. Her decision put her in a desert alone, perhaps unaware of where she actually was at the moment. Abraham and Sarah’s decisions had affected her plans. Our decisions will affect others as well.

We may find ourselves, like Job, in a situation where we don’t know what is happening. Yet God always knows! (Job 23:10) Job was comforted when he realized that he didn’t need to know the answers, so long as he knew that God knew! God takes an interest in you as well!

Notice the angel’s response to Hagar: “Return. Submit.” Probably nothing He could have said would have been more discouraging. He told her to go back to a place of difficulty and humble herself before her harsh authority.

God does call us to go. Those of us in missions focus on always going and moving towards future ministry. But now came a call to go back, and stay in a hard place. Plant your feet. Obey. Let God use the time to sand off the rough edges and work His plan. Yet, that call did not come without a promise!

The Lord had heard Hagar. He promised to bless her! Even though the long term, still ongoing consequences of Abraham and Sarah’s decisions has resulted in much turmoil throughout the world, we must not lose hold of the fact that Ishmael’s birth was a blessing from God to Hagar and a fulfillment of God’s promise to her.

We can rest in knowing that when God calls us to stay in a difficult place He promises to be with us, and He will keep His promise and use those difficulties to perfect His will in our lives.

If this devotional has been a blessing to you, please contact Bro. Klaus and let him know!