From the Desk of a Friend: An Anchor of the Soul

For when God made promise to Abraham, because he could swear by no greater, he sware by himself, Saying, Surely blessing I will bless thee, and multiplying I will multiply thee. And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise. For men verily swear by the greater: and an oath for confirmation is to them an end of all strife. Wherein God, willing more abundantly to shew unto the heirs of promise the immutability of his counsel, confirmed it by an oath: That by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us: Which hope we have as an anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast, and which entereth into that within the veil;
Hebrews 6:13-19

The problem of drifting away from God and His commands has existed since the fall of man. In our day we observe the influence of trends and ideas. A practice or teaching arises and becomes popular. Right or wrong, biblical or not, there always seems to be some who fall in ranks and drift away. These instances are observable all the way back to Noah’s day. Believing God and living a godly life was not the popular thing to do. In this age, we have an excellent and preserved Bible. It is accurate; God’s hand is upon it. He has used it to save souls and build lives and churches. Then, along came men claiming they had something better. Slowly but surely men who trusted that we had the Word of God began yielding to the enticing popularity of the new thing. We used to sing from old songbooks, the music that reaches down in the soul and honors God. Then there were those who thought the world’s music was entertaining and attractive to more people. While we remain thankful for modern conveniences, technology, communications, and the comfort of buildings, the principles mentioned above have changed in purpose. In varying degrees, the purpose changed from primarily honoring and worshipping God to pleasing and satisfying the carnal hunger of mankind.

It seems we need to reset our anchor. An anchor not solidly set on an immovable object or principle tends to drift under pressure. In our text, we see that the Christian possesses a hope produced by God Who cannot lie. This hope, according to verse nineteen, is an anchor to our soul. We need to set our hope in God and His promises and position ourselves on a steadfast, immovable anchor.

God made a seemingly impossible promise to Abraham. At seventy-five years of age, even in his day, fulfillment of this promise would be humanly impossible. God promised Abram he would become a great nation, yet he fathered no children. God told Abraham to leave his land and go to an unknown destination. Abraham believed God–not the possible doubts and questions of the human mind. God swore to him by “two immutable things” (v.18): the immutability of His counsel and the impossibility for God to lie. Because Abraham anchored not in the place of his nephew Lot, he was blessed. God counted him righteous because he simply believed God. Because Lot anchored elsewhere, he lost his wife and his testimony in the judgment of God.

Jesus established principles and standards while He was on earth for how and what He expected of His church. He also stated that not one jot or tittle of His Word would pass. So why do some think we can adjust and conform more to the world and be successful? It is an indescribable blessing that we are permitted as Abraham to believe God and simply become a child of His kingdom. His promise will not change, and our soul is anchored in an immoveable promise, not drifting with the tides of the contemporary values. Thank God for a secure Anchor of our soul. We may be out of style or unpopular by some standards, but our anchorage in Jesus puts us in the right place when He comes for us.

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From Our President: April 2019

Danny Whetstone

Since new families are coming with World Wide, it is necessary to cover things about which all of us need to be reminded. It is very obvious that we are an Independent Baptist agency, and we make that abundantly clear in every stage of the application process. As time goes on the same questions always seem to reappear. One of those questions is, “Where can we seek support?”

The Lord graciously saved me when I was thirteen years old. I did not even know there was such a thing as an Independent Baptist Church. It happens that I was saved in a Southern Baptist Church. I will forever be grateful for the pastor who preached the gospel to me as I grew up in the church. Darleen and I married in 1969. We moved to Tallahassee and eventually joined Maranatha Baptist Church. It was my introduction to Independent Baptists. Pastor George Clark opened a whole new world for me as week after week he preached the Bible. There was no way to know that in time the Lord would call me to preach, pastor, and then go into missions. When I started deputation the church I was saved in took me on for support. I did not ask them to, but because they loved us, they wanted to participate. Many of these people are relatives. We love and appreciate each of them, but we could not with good conscience accept their support. We would be laboring with an Independent agency, and working to see Independent Baptist Churches planted.

This is all made clear in the application process. We do not accept support from denominational churches. We are not at war with any of them. World Wide seeks support from Independent Baptist Churches and Bible Churches that are Baptist in doctrine. There are no exceptions. In our database, you might come across a church that does not fit these limits. If you do, please make the office aware of that. There have been occasions when one was added without our being aware of their position.

In every way, we want to be kind, but we also want to maintain the course set for us from the beginning. If for any reason you cannot abide by this it would be best for you to make that known and establish a new direction for your ministry. Trust me, I do understand the limitations are not always easy to work with, but we are convinced this is right. Our steadfast desire to keep the direction that we started with draws fire from the right and the left. However, we are not the ones that have changed. It is our sincere desire to continue as we started.

In His Service,
Danny A. Whetstone

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From the Memo Board: April 2019

Dates to Know

April 19 – The Office will be closed in observation of the Resurrection

May 1 – March financial reports will be due

June 17 – 20 – Family Fellowship Week in Edinburg, VA

Doctrinal Agreements

If you have submitted your doctrinal agreement statement, your new card for 2019-2020 is now available for you to download and print from your SecureCloud folder. If you have not yet submitted your annual agreement, please click here, or email Naomi Torberson as soon as possible, indicating that you have read and are still in agreement with our Articles of Faith. If you have questions or concerns, please contact John O’Malley.

Please note: This year, the Executive Board voted to further expand our long-held position on Calvinism and Arminianism in Article XVIII, Section L, Paragraph 4, which now states: We reject the man-made systems of Calvinism and Arminianism as expressions of our beliefs concerning the nature of man and the means of his salvation.

Travel to and from the United States

US Citizens should be aware of the REAL ID Act and how it may affect your airline travel within the United States. Click here to view the latest information from the Department of Homeland Security. Missionaries may wish to update their driver’s license to obtain the REAL ID while they are in the US on furlough. Otherwise, plan to have your passport with you for all domestic travel.

Non-US Citizens: Our immigration attorney has advised us that a B-1 Visa does not clearly cover ministry activities such as visiting churches and raising funds. She has advised us that Non-US Citizens should only travel to the US for ministry on an R-1 Visa, which requires WW to sponsor and assist with the application. Please note that it can take several months to complete an application, and it may take several additional months for the application to be approved. Therefore, please contact Laura Cmaylo nine months prior to making any plans to visit the US for ministry purposes. If you currently have a B-1 Visa and will be visiting the US for non-ministry related travel, please be sure to let us know in advance as well, as it may have an effect on any future applications for an R-1 Visa. If you have questions, please contact Laura Cmaylo.

New App to help locate Meal Allowance Per Diems

There is an app that can help locate the Meal Allowance Per Diem for travel in the United States. This is much easier than navigating the GSA website! It is available for your iPhone or IOS device from the App Store. Click here to download the free app. Note that Meal Allowances may be listed on your mileage log for each night spent away from home for a ministry purpose.

Financial Status Report

We have uploaded a Financial Status Report to your SecureCloud account, showing figures for the first quarter of 2019. This is meant to show you the financial details that we have on file, such as your support estimate and the average amount of support you received this past quarter. This is information we provide to pastors who may call about your ministry. We ask that all missionaries update their support estimate once every four years or as your lives and ministries change. Please review this information and contact us if you have any questions.

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New Missionary

Trevor and Sabrina Deneau have recently partnered with WWNTBM. They are sent out of the First Baptist Church of Evart, MI, with Pastor Ryan Beilfuss. He is a graduate of Landmark Baptist College in Haines City, FL. Bro. Deneau is the third generation in his family to work in the Bible publishing ministry through Church Bible Publishers and Gold Leaf Enterprises. They have two sons, Emrys (19 mo) and Theodore (4 mo). Pray for them as they begin deputation to go to the rural areas of northern Italy.

A Day in the Life

Our staff enjoys opportunities to visit with our missionaries! If you are ever in the area please come by and see us! Here are a few pictures from recent months.

The Villarreals spent time in the office recently going over paperwork. We enjoyed meeting Anelly and baby Stephen for the first time! They are pictured here with the staff ladies and the Lockharts.
John O’Malley, Gene Krachenfels, and Jeremy Lockhart en route to an interview.
One of the ways we enjoy serving is to impact future generations. In March, Megan DeKeyser from Ambassador Baptist College spent a week with our staff learning about the workings of a missions office.

Laura Cmaylo and Naomi Torberson recently visited several of our missionaries in the Greenville area. We are grateful for these faithful servants who have dedicated their lives to ministry!

Naomi, Ruth Ann Arthurs, and Laura
Laura, Naomi, and Renee Atkins
Elwood and Doris Hurst, Naomi, and Laura

The Homegoing of Jerrel Shaw, Sr.

In Memory of Jerrel Shaw, Sr.
March 18, 1940-March 3, 2019

Jerrel Kenneth Shaw was born to Clayton and Irene Shaw on March 18, 1940, in New Palestine, IN. He spent his early years as a barber before the Lord called him to the mission field. He received degrees from the Clarksville School of Theology, as well as a Doctorate of Religious Education from Emmanuel Baptist School in Atlanta, GA.

Bro. Shaw and his wife Francis first went to Mexico in 1972 with their daughters, Kimberly and Kathlene. They joined WWNTBM in June of 1976. After his wife’s passing in 1979, he married Delia Gonzalez on November 12, 1980, and they have one son, Jerry.

Bro. Shaw had a great burden to train preachers and to build churches. Even before he had started the Bible School, he took in two boys, Salvador Lara, and Galaad Gallegos, and raised them as sons in his own home so he could train them for ministry. The Lord allowed him to start and pastor 7 churches, and he was instrumental in building 23 churches across Mexico. The Bible College has seen over 400 graduates, more than 100 of which are currently serving in pastorates. For many years he hosted an annual field conference, where individuals from all over Mexico and the United States would gather and be encouraged to reach the world with the Gospel.

Bro. Shaw had a passion for restoring old cars. He wrote several Gospel tracts based on the restoration stories of vehicles he purchased on the scrap heap and converted into refurbished classics. He often visited car lots and race tracks and used the theme of restoration as a bridge to share the message of new life in Christ.

Bro. Shaw was a man of great humility. He wrote in a recent letter, “I have often wondered how, or why, the Lord took a man out of a town with a population of 504, and how He could make anything out of a person such as I. Only the Lord can do things like this!” He was ever conscious that he lived “in the circumference of Christ’s wonderful love.” His intense passion and love for souls inspired the mission family of World Wide New Testament Baptist Mission for 43 years.

Jerrel Shaw entered the joy of his Lord on March 3, 2019. Memorial services were held in Guadelejara, Mexico, on March 3 and 4. Visitation for family and friends in the United States will be held at 1:00 p.m. on March 23, at Bethel Baptist Church, Greenfield, IN, with a memorial service at 3:00 p.m.

Please remember to pray for Mrs. Delia as she faces many adjustments in the days ahead. Also, pray for Jerry and Itzen Shaw, and the ongoing ministries in Mexico. Condolences may be sent to Mrs. Delia at [email protected], and to Jerry and Itzen at [email protected].

From the Desk of a Friend: Revealing Jesus Christ

Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marvelled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.
Acts 4:13

Jesus Christ chose fisherman to follow and learn of Him. They would carry on the message Jesus brought from Heaven to all mankind. Jesus spent three years training the twelve apostles. The men in this text were known as the “inner circle.” With their closeness and increased involvement in the training and work, they got to see many miracles performed by Jesus. They heard the best and most powerful preaching and teaching. These experiences alone would be better than any education from an institution of learning.

Jesus returned to the right side of the Father in Heaven (2:33). Peter’s sermon on the day of Pentecost is recorded in Acts 2. The Lord used his preaching to bring three thousand souls to salvation. In chapter three, Peter and the rest of the apostles preached strong messages to the people about Jesus and their rejection of Him as Savior.

Chapter three records Peter and John going into the temple. There they heard the invalid man’s call for alms. They replied that they had no silver or gold. But they claimed the power Jesus gave to the twelve and commanded the lame man to rise and walk. Peter helped the man to his feet, and the lame man left walking and leaping (not limping) and happy. The rest of chapter three and the start of chapter four speaks of the stir building among the people. Peter declared the power for this miracle came from the One they rejected and crucified. The religious crowd became offended over this. As a result of this preaching, five thousand men believed.

In chapter four, the preaching and exalting of Jesus stirred the religious authority and rulers and threatened their following. “Being grieved they laid hold of the men until the next day.” In verse six, the authorities confronted them. They asked the men by what power or authority they healed the invalid. They answered with another presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Verse twelve narrows the message down to a clear point: no salvation exists except through the Person of Jesus Christ. Thankfully the message is still good today. This message came from a man “filled with the Holy Ghost.”

This long trial in the record of Peter and John, who stood examined by religious and political men, reveals to this writer some of the same viewpoints and challenges we encounter today. The authorities perceived Peter and John as “unlearned and ignorant.” This misperception might have stemmed from Peter and John’s lack of temple education and hearing the real voices of religion. This elite crowd recognized no credentials. They only deemed the relationship to this One illegitimate, a Nazarite followed by simple fishermen into the “false” teaching. As Bible believers today, we seem “unlearned and ignorant” to the world and religious crowd. The god of this world has blinded their eyes to the truth. As Jesus commanded Peter, we must “be filled with the Spirit.” When filled with the Spirit, we can stand boldly and proclaim the precious Gospel like Peter and John. Even if questioned or rejected by the unsaved people of the world, we can prevail.

The authorities perceived one thing which could not be questioned. They understood these men had “been with Jesus.” By their boldness in preaching, the message of Jesus Christ and their strong convictions of the truth, no doubt remained that they had been with Jesus Christ. We may or may not have credentials the world expects or stand in the famous, higher levels of the religious world. But may God help us to live and proclaim the truth leaving no doubt WE HAVE BEEN WITH JESUS CHRIST. As with the leaders who sought the disciples, the world still recognizes a difference in the ones who have been with Jesus Christ.

God, help us to allow men to recognize Your presence in our lives that You may draw them to Yourself. Help us be faithful in the Word of God and prayer so faithfully that the presence of God shows on us.

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From the Memo Board: March 2019

Dates to Know

March 15 – Please submit your Annual Doctrinal Agreement by this date

April 1 – February financial report will be due

June 17-20 – Family Fellowship Week in Edinburg, VA

Microsoft Excel

We request that all missionaries complete their financial report template using Microsoft Excel rather than Apple’s Numbers. Although Apple’s spreadsheet application does export to Excel, doing so removes many key features that our staff relies on to review the reports. If you need to purchase a copy of Microsoft Excel for the Mac, we can obtain this for you at a discounted rate. If switching to Excel creates a hardship for you, please contact us. If you have questions, please let us know. We appreciate your assistance in this area!

Financial Report Checklist

Changes in ministry can affect the typical expenses you list on your reports from month to month. For instance, someone on deputation will primarily have travel expenses, while someone on the field may have more costs related to renting a building or purchasing snacks and Sunday School supplies. Someone coming home on furlough will be dealing with mileage, meal allowances, and lodging costs they don’t usually see when on the field. We suggest that you click here to review our checklist of commonly overlooked expenses, to be sure you are claiming all allowable deductions.

Mileage Tracking and your MFR

There are several good mileage apps available to help you record details for your financial reports. Please keep in mind that all details of the Mileage Log still need to be completed on the template when submitting your MFR. Here are some apps that others have recommended:

Mile IQ

Retirement Accounts and your MFR

The change to 1099’s from W-2’s includes additional options for your retirement planning. Because of this, Line 3 of the report will no longer be used to indicate 403(b) contributions. The staff will utilize that category for internal adjustments as needed. All retirement contributions regardless of the type of account can be included under Line 18 of the report. Please be sure to inform your tax preparer about the type(s) of retirement accounts you have. If you have questions about your retirement accounts, please contact Mrs. Kim O’Malley.

From Our President: March 2019

Danny Whetstone

We are constantly dealing with changes. It has always been that way though. World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions has attempted to maintain a steady as she goes approach in the midst of these ever-changing times. Personally, I am not as concerned with things changing around us as I am with changes among us. It seems necessary from time to time to remind ourselves that we wish to continue with the heading set for us when the mission was born. We did not start out as Calvinists, Reformed, Elder Rule, or any other description that has regained popularity in recent days.

We are traditional Independent Baptists. It is understood that many in our ranks have made major adjustments to their course. One of those changes has been the use of elder rule in the church. We believe that God has given the congregation of each local church the authority to choose its direction. The Lord calls pastors to give guidance to the church, but He does not make him, or any other group in the church, dictator over the congregation. We contend that the terms elder, bishop, and pastor speak of one office in the church. Obviously, a church can have as many assistants to the pastor as it wishes, but that pastoral group does not dictate to the congregation by any means. We reject the idea of elder rule.

Recently I have read a number of articles dealing with the subject. My conclusion is that you can use history to prove any position you wish to take. My objective is not to argue the subject, but simply to say that we are not changing our position to accommodate present changes. We are not persuaded by Reformed Theology. We are not persuaded by Calvinism. We are not persuaded by Arminian Theology. If you have changed your mind since joining WWNTBM, it would only be right that you inform us of those changes, and find someone with whom you are in closer agreement.

We are not attempting to start a fight with anyone. We are not attempting to argue with anyone. However, we cannot walk together if we are not in agreement. In my reading, I underlined so many statements that I agreed with and an equal number that I disagreed with. It was tempting to use names that sided with each argument. I then concluded that this was not my purpose in writing this article. Yes, I did read the verses that some used to substantiate the idea of elder rule.

If you are not starting churches in the tradition of the present-day Independent Baptist, it would be best for all of us if you would declare your intentions, and we can part ways peacefully. The churches that support missionaries associated with World Wide expect no less of us. These churches want to be duplicated in other parts of the world. If we are going to do otherwise the only honorable thing for us to do is to inform them of any change in direction. However, we have no intentions to change in part or the whole.

May our Lord bless your labor of love for His glory.

In His Service,
Danny A. Whetstone

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