From the Memo Board: February 2020

Dates to Know

February 17 – You should receive an email with the new 2020 MFR Template, including the new mileage rates.

February 17 – All U.S. Banks will be closed in honor of Presidents’ Day

February 24 – Bank transfers may be limited as our bank will be performing website maintenance procedures

March 1 – January Financial Reports will be due.

April 1 – February Financial Reports will be due.

June 15-18 – Family Fellowship Week in Kinston, NC.

Benefits of Financial Reports

The Monthly Financial Report (MFR) is the tool that missionaries can use to become accountable to WWNTBM for their reimbursable expenses, rather than having all funds listed as personal earnings. Over the course of 2019, 81% of those eligible chose to submit MFRs. By doing so, they were able to reduce their 1099 Personal Earnings by a combined average of 33.63%. If you are not currently utilizing MFRs and would like information about how to begin, please contact our office.

Financial Status Report

We have uploaded a Financial Status Report to your SecureCloud account, showing figures for the fourth quarter of 2019. This is meant to show you the financial details that we have on file, such as your support estimate and the average amount of support you received this past quarter. This is the information we provide to pastors who may call about your ministry. We ask that all missionaries update their support estimate once every four years, or as their lives and ministries change. Please review this information and contact us if you have any questions.

Retirement Accounts

As self-employed individuals missionaries have available to you and/or your spouse these Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) options:

1. Traditional IRA
2. Roth IRA
5. Solo 401(k)

You are also able to open an account with any investment firm of your choice.

Click here to read an article that helps in understanding the benefits of each account.

Another helpful article from Dave Ramsey is available by clicking here.

You may want to speak with someone about your retirement options. David O’Malley, Bro. O’Malley’s brother, is an advisor for Edward Jones. He has offered to assist our missionaries in any way, even if they are not a client of his. His offer is a no-cost unbiased consultation. His phone number is 561-833-9123.

Most investment firms offer the above IRA options to independent contractors. (Independent Contractor is the term the IRS uses to describe your relationship to WW as a self-employed missionary.) You will need to discuss your options with the firm. The investment firm will have specific instructions for you once you make the choice of what type of account you want. When you have opened your account, you can contact Kim O’Malley and she will be happy to send your monthly contribution in for you.

Speaking with an investment advisor and/or your CPA can help you in choosing the best plan for you and your family. There are more options available to you than ever before. Please do not delay. Adding retirement investing to your monthly budget means preparing for your family’s future. Kim O’Malley is now a certified Master Financial Coach and is available to assist our missionaries with this topic.

Registering Your Ministry

If your ministry has been chartered and established as a non-profit organization, we recommend getting a bank account in its name and then going through the process of registering it as a Foreign Non-Profit Organization with our CPA. This process takes several months and costs around $400. The purpose is to show that your ministry meets IRS standards to be considered a public rather than a private charity. With this status, funds for purchases such as land may be able to be sent directly to your ministry, thus eliminating your personal tax liability. Please note that there are limitations to this option. If you are planning to raise funds for the purchase of land or buildings, it would be advantageous to have this step in place before funds arrive in our office for such a project. Please contact our office for more information.

Uplift Podcast

The following recordings were recently published on You may access the site by entering the username: wwntbm and the password: gospel. These recordings for our missions family contain the Uplift calls in their entirety, including prayer requests and challenges to our missionaries. We hope they will encourage your heart.

Health and Fitness on the Road and Field by Josh Wagar

A Great Door by Mike Norris

10 Thoughts on the Life of a Missionary by Rick Osborn

Commitment by Josh Wagar

From Our President: February 2020

Danny Whetstone

Simon Peter preached an amazing message in Acts 2. Three thousand people trusted in Christ following that sermon. Acts 2:42 says, “And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers.” The word fellowship speaks of “participation” or “to share in.” Those who were saved that day saw the need for even new believers to participate in the faith.

Later, Paul will write to the church in Philippi using this word. Philippians 1:5, “For your fellowship in the gospel from the first day until now.” Think of those early members of this church. There was Lydia, the Philippian jailer, and possibly the young damsel. They did not merely want to fellowship with the church. They wanted to participate in the church. Do you remember when the Lord called you to serve Him full time? More than likely, you were already deeply involved in the work of our Lord. Still, the next level was probably both exciting and frightening.

Do we find our Lord’s work exciting and frightening today? I remember others telling me when I began training at Bob Jones University that Bible college would be one of the easiest places to backslide because my study of the Bible would become academic. We must be cautious in the service of the Lord. If we are not careful, our labor of love could quickly become a mere professional endeavor. There should always be an air of excitement about the prospects of accomplishment in our work. It encourages us to strive to do better. We grow, we learn, and we make adjustments to take our life’s work to higher levels. Otherwise, we become complacent, lazy, and satisfied.

There should always be a measure of reverential fear. The Lord calls us to stand between the living and the dead. Your ministry is going to be the difference between heaven and hell for the many lives that you will touch. We must not approach the Lord’s work with arrogance and pride. But realize that without Him, we can do nothing. Reverence for the Lord and love for His work will go a long way toward helping us to be successful in fulfilling His purpose for our calling.

Pause to remember what you felt in the early days of your ministry. Add to that the important lessons that you have learned since then. Now dream about all that God is capable of doing through you in the days ahead.

In His Service,
Danny A. Whetstone

If this article has been an encouragement to you, you can email Bro. Whetstone here to let him know.

Prayer & Dates: February 2020

February Prayer/Praises and Special Dates

Click the link above to download a PDF of prayer requests and praises as well as the birthdays and anniversaries for February. Note: You will need to login to SecureCloud in order to view this document. Once you have logged in, click on Files, Shared, then Headquarter Happenings, then scroll to the month you would like to view. This step protects people with WWNTBM in restricted access fields.


Featured Article: Abounding Therein with Thanksgiving

Bro. Tim Germano and his family have just completed their first term serving in the Dominican Republic. We hope his article about abounding with thanksgiving will be a blessing to you as you begin the new year.

As ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk ye in him: Rooted and built up in him, and stablished in the faith, as ye have been taught, abounding therein with thanksgiving.” Colossians 2:6-7

Paul penned these verses to a church that he had not met yet. He was encouraged by what he heard from the city of Colosse, and he desired to help them even more through his epistle. He told them in Colossians 2:6 that since they had received Christ as their Savior, then they ought to walk in him. The word walk means conducting oneself. It means progress. The church was to be moving forward for the Lord and modeling their lives after his life. He described this walk in Colossians 2:7. I want to focus on the last part of the verse. He said, “Abounding therein with thanksgiving.” God desires that we abound in our walk with him. He does not want us to just “coast” through life and get by.

I know that believers, myself included, too often are content with just checking off the boxes in their Christian walk. I go to church. I try to pray and read my Bible. I want to be a good testimony. But, God desires for us to do more than solely trudge along. He wants us to abound! The word abounding in the Greek means “to be over and above” (Strong’s Concordance). He wants us “to be over and above” in our walk in him. He wants us to be fruitful in this life. He wants us to abound in the qualities of a Christian who is conformed to the image of Christ!

Paul finished the thought of the verse, “Abounding therein with thanksgiving.” One of the ways that we abound in our walk with the Lord is in our thanksgiving. As we think of Thanksgiving this week, may we remember to abound in thanksgiving the other fifty-one weeks of the year! If we want to abound in our Christian walk, we must abound in gratitude to the Lord for who he is and what he has done. Paul told the Thessalonian believers, “In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” God’s will for each and every believer is thankfulness in everything—the good, the bad, and the ugly!

As we thank the Lord and dwell on Him, we will walk as He walked. When we are thankful, it is hard to be negative! When we are praising the Lord for who He is, it is hard to criticize our brother! When we are offering gratitude to the Lord for what He has done, it is difficult to complain about our circumstances. May we abound in our Christian walk, and may we do so with thanksgiving in everything each and every day of the year!

If this has been a blessing to you or you would like to share your thoughts with Bro. Germamo, you can contact him via email here.

Prayer & Dates: January 2020

January Prayer/Praises and Special Dates

Click the link above to download a PDF of prayer requests and praises as well as the birthdays and anniversaries for January. Note: You will need to login to SecureCloud in order to view this document. Once you have logged in, click on Files, Shared, then Headquarter Happenings, then scroll to the month you would like to view. This step protects people with WWNTBM in restricted access fields.


From Our President: January 2020

Danny Whetstone

What are your goals for the coming year? Any time is a good time to consider where we are going, but the beginning of a new year is a very good time. This year we are in not only a new year but a new decade as well. Several years ago, Brother O’Malley and I were in a conversation about the future. He said that we need to lay out our ten-year plans. I told him that I didn’t have too many ten year plans left, but I would consider some two- to five-year plans.

It has been said that we will not hit any higher than we aim. If we set a goal for the future, we might not hit the bullseye, but we will undoubtedly hit higher than we would otherwise. Is your ministry on cruise control? Does one day follow another without any direction at all? Life will see to it that circumstances will constantly control you, and you will more than likely take the path of least resistance. If we are to win, we must fight.

When we get on the road to another destination, we do not leave our travels to chance. We set the goal then follow the best route to get to that specific spot on the earth. Amazingly, we hit that particular spot every time. Now there are times that we come to a detour because of an accident, a landslide, road construction, or any number of unforeseen interruptions. However, we keep our sights on a specific destination. Plans might change, but our final destination remains the same. We cannot just turn down a road because we feel like it if we intend to fulfill our mission.

Let each of us take the challenge to pray and prepare for the coming year. What would the Lord have us accomplish by year’s end? Set the mark, and by the grace of God, go for it with fervency and vitality. I know with this year being 2020, “vision” is going to be overworked in a big-time way. However, drifting is not a viable alternative to having a vision or setting a goal. When our Lord created Adam, He set a goal. He was determined to go all the way to Calvary. Satan did everything in his power to divert Him from His intended purpose, but our Lord was determined to reach His goal. Aren’t we glad He did not take the easy way and leave us to our own end? There are those in the path of your plans, and perhaps you are the only one who can reach them. Go on purpose.

May our Lord’s richest blessings be yours as you serve Him faithfully.

In His Service,
Danny A. Whetstone

If this article has been an encouragement to you, you can email Bro. Whetstone here to let him know.

From the Memo Board: January 2020

Dates to Know

January 1 – November Financial Reports were due.

January 9 – Missionaries will receive their statements of December Support Received.

January 13 – All missionaries will receive their final December support on this day, regardless of the day they normally receive support.

January 15 – December Financial Reports will be due, along with any remaining receipts or financial paperwork for 2019.

January 31 – 1099 Forms and other tax documentation for the 2019 year will be available.

March 1 – January Financial Reports will be due.

June 15-18 – Family Fellowship Week in Kinston, NC.

SecureCloud Packets

At the end of each month, we scan any mail that has come to the Office and place it in your SecureCloud folder. This would include check stubs for all bills paid by the office, as well as any cards or correspondence from donors. Please be sure to check SecureCloud periodically, especially once you receive the notice that December packets have been uploaded, as many missionaries have received Christmas cards and letters which are available to you there.

January Income Totals

During a typical month, we close the books on the 25th, and any checks received after that date are posted to the following month. Due to receipting requirements, we cannot do this in the month of December. As a result, please be aware that your December support total may be higher than normal, while your January support total may be lower than normal. Please be sure to plan ahead for this!

Housing Allowances for 2020

Housing allowances previously in place have automatically rolled over to the new year. Missionaries who are ordained are eligible to have a housing allowance in place, which can provide certain tax benefits. If you did not have a housing allowance in 2019 and would like to have one for 2020, or if you have questions regarding this, please contact our office.

New Excel Template

A new Excel template for the year 2020 will be available during the second week of February. This will give us time to review the need for any possible updates. January financial reports will be due on March 1. Should you wish to complete your report before the new template is available, you are welcome to submit it on the 2019 template.

New Mileage Rate

Beginning on January 1st, the IRS mileage rate has decreased to $0.575 per mile for business/ministry miles. This change will be reflected in the new Excel template for 2020.


“Fellowship” can be defined as “friendly association, especially with people who share one’s interests; a group of people meeting to pursue a shared interest or aim.” It has been said that fellowship, as described in the Bible, is coming together with other people. Good fellowship is when, as a result of coming together, there is an interchange of encouragement. Such fellowship is the goal of our annual meeting! Please make plans to join us in Kinston, North Carolina, from June 15-18.

Update on John O’Malley

We are grateful for the outpouring of love and concern that has been shown for Bro. O’Malley during his recovery from heart surgery. Many continue to ask about his welfare. He is continuing physical therapy and is on track to finish early on January 31. He is slowly regaining strength. Please click here to read his latest newsletter.

Wedding Bells!!

Congratulations to Colton and Melodie Lee, who were married on November 23rd! Colton has served as a furlough replacement for several of our missionaries. When not on the mission field, the couple travels in evangelism. Pray for them as they begin their new life together.

Celebrating Ninety Years!

Congratulations to Clyde Eborn, who will celebrate his 90th Birthday on January 26th. Bro. Eborn is one of the founders of WWNTBM and continues to serve on our Board of Reference. He and his wife Shelby were instrumental in starting the Grace Baptist Church of Newport in 1962, which he continues to pastor. The ministry grew to include a Christian school in 1970, and a radio station in 1988, which now reaches over 230 countries through its Fundamental Broadcasting Network. We are grateful to Bro. Eborn for his influence on World Wide through the years. Greetings may be sent to him at [email protected], or c/o Grace Baptist Church, 520 Roberts Road, Newport, NC 28570.

Registering to Vote

The year 2020 will again hold many important elections. While we know the outcome is truly in the Lord’s hands, we encourage all missionaries to take advantage of the freedoms we have in the United States to vote in local and federal elections. We have gathered information on early and absentee voting. Click here to learn more.