From Our President: November 2015

Perhaps many of you read this post by Nikki Brown, but in case you missed it, I thought it worth using in Headquarter Happenings. Paul often shared his hardships. He never did so to get pity. He did it to encourage others. I believe Nikki’s post will do the same.

In His Service,
Danny A. Whetstone

by Nikki Brown

Brown Culture shock. The very words that haunt most any person that may be moving away from a familiar environment. Physical ailments, separation distress, or emotional outcries may all play a part in this cruel “shocking” attack.

I’ve been told that culture shock comes and goes in waves. Sometimes you feel as though you can finally call this new place “home.” You almost mentally breathe a sigh of relief and pat yourself on the back for conquering the challenge of living in a different place. Other times, (usually right after that sigh) it hits you like a 100,000 lb. elephant, and then that elephant finds comfort in sitting on top of you for as long as he possibly can. Yep, it’s that bad and seemingly almost impossible to get rid of.

Culture shock also has many different faces. There are times it takes no shame in rearing its ugly head and makes its obvious appearance. Language barriers, poor or no reliable medical care, corrupt government, weather, and critters are good examples of things that can trigger a feeling of culture shock. Unfortunately, on the other hand, it can also creep in slowly and not as blatantly, but effects you very deeply. Maybe a hurtful word from a national, a picture of a family get-together back home, or an upcoming holiday season would be good examples. Either way, it’s attack is very real.

The effects of culture shock can also vary from each occurrence. While you may be “laughing it off” at one point, during a bad case of culture shock, that same event may leave you incredibly angry, upset, or even sad. It’s hard to tell what you may actually feel, but usually it’s not something you’re willing to write home about.

How do you deal with it? When do you get to a point when culture shock doesn’t come around any more? Why doesn’t anyone seem to understand what you’re going through? Well, all I know is that the answer is God. God helps me to deal with each attack of culture shock. God lets me know that no matter how long it may last, He will give grace. God understands when everyone else doesn’t.

I’ve been told by missionaries who have been on the field more than 20 years that they STILL experience culture shock from time to time! Doesn’t that sound crazy? No. Not to me. Not to them. While they have been living overseas all that time and learning to adapt in that country (learned the language, working in that culture, making lifetime friendships in that same country), they still get that slap in the face every once in a while letting them know that they are from a different country.

So, I’d like to share with you just a few things I’ve done/am doing to help me cope with this unforeseen attack.

1. Reading God’s Word.
This is by far my greatest help! I find peace, comfort, encouragement, and help by reading the Bible. In college, God gave me a verse that I still quote most often to this day. Psalm 27:13 “I had fainted, UNLESS I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.”

2. Talking about it.
Now, this is not always an easy thing to admit to someone, but it is most important to have an accountability partner. For me, the Lord has blessed me in giving me a few very close friends, including my husband, my BFF (who also serves as a missionary on a foreign field), and a close friend that serves as a missionary in Cambodia. Each of these people provide a source of support that help me make sure I’m not checking out of the work here.

3. Reading encouraging letters.
Most of our letters come in the form of emails, text messages, or Facebook posts. Either way, I have a few that I often return to over and over again to remind myself that we do have faithful friends back home praying for us. Two weeks ago, we received 52 emails from a Sunday school class that had read our prayer letter that day! How encouraging is that? Just yesterday, I received the sweetest text from my daddy just saying I was on his mind and he was praying for me. God knows exactly what we need and when we need it. All of these things were a great help to me.

4. Singing songs (in English).
Tonight, after a long day—well, really a long week….ok, who am I kidding—it’s been one of those MONTHS….Matt and I sat down together at the piano and just sang some songs. The truths revealed in many great hymns are such a blessing! Music is a great gift from God that He has used many times in my life.

There are many other things I’m sure people can do to help them continue on in their fight.

Don’t worry, this post is not some cry for help or even a plea to go home. I REALLY DO love being here. I would not want to be anywhere else other than where God has us—and Cambodia is definitely the place God has us! We are more than blessed, too! God has made our lives so wonderful, and I believe it’s because we have just committed ourselves to serving Him. His grace is sufficient!

Featured Article: Masterpiece Overhead

Andy Bonikowsky

And lest thou lift up thine eyes unto heaven, and when thou seest the sun, and the moon, and the stars, even all the host of heaven, shouldest be driven to worship them, and serve them, which the Lord thy God hath divided unto all nations under the whole heaven. Deut. 4:19

There are over a thousand places on the globe labeled as World Heritage Sites. These may be natural or man made, and are so designated because of their cultural or physical significance. The basic idea is that they be protected and preserved so “humanity” can enjoy them in as pristine a condition as possible, and for as long as possible.

Of course, there are none in outer space . . . at least not yet.

Now, when God spoke the sun, moon, and stars into existence, one fact was automatically established. They were not Him. They were separate entities, by the most basic logic. No creation can occupy the same space as its creator. Though the first two heavenly bodies were given specific responsibilities, the rest were not. And as we read how they came to be, a shocking truth becomes obvious: that huge expanse, teeming with what seems like an infinite variety of objects, all of which completely dwarfs the earth, was added to the scene with one tiny little phrase. The sense of ease with which it all occurred should draw a gasp all by itself, but when the implications begin to sink in, well, our minds simply reel in wonder.

And that is exactly what God wanted; at least, as a first step.

The next Biblical mention of the great miracle above comes in the Lord’s command to Abraham, telling him to gaze up in obedient worship. Sadly though, the attitude of mankind towards the stars and planets has mostly been perverse. By the time Deuteronomy was written, the scene was already pretty ugly. The nations had looked up and were amazed, but their depraved hearts refused to discern. They would not use common sense to look past the gifts to the Giver. Instead, they stopped at the first level and started building altars, sewing robes, and compiling rituals. They decided to adore what had been made instead of the Maker.

This verse describes the heavens as a universal, global heritage; something God has divided out for the benefit of every person on earth. He has wrapped it all around the planet so that every country can see a portion of it. The constellations are free for anyone to admire on a clear night and nobody is taxed for staring at them or enjoying their beauty.

However, usually we rush around too much to pay this kind of attention. We do not stop to consider the masterpiece overhead nor relish the privilege we have to admire it. What a shame, because a few minutes of serious contemplation will go a long way towards bringing closer matters into better focus. Our things, our accomplishments, our plans, will all seem a lot smaller and not quite so impressive.

And that’s a good thing.

So there are two entirely different errors man can fall into concerning the heavens, the second being more of an issue for the believer. The first is for man to look up and worship what he sees. The second is for God’s children to hardly look up at all, to not even consider or appreciate what He has given.

Next time you can see the stars, thank the Lord for them. Praise Him for the wisdom and power they display.

They are a work of art for you to enjoy, and include a personal challenge, as Abraham proved.

From the Memo Board: November 2015

Dates to Know

November 11 – All US Banks will be closed.

November 26-27 – The Office will be closed in celebration of Thanksgiving.

November 30 – Revised pay date for those who normally receive funds on the 29th.

December 1 – October financial reports will be due.

December 4 – Revised pay date for those who normally receive funds on the 5th.

December 9 – All prayer letters should be submitted to our staff, in order for your recipients to get them before Christmas.

December 15 – Please contact us by this date if you will need funds in your account before Christmas or the end of the year.

December 21-25 – The Office will be closed in celebration of Christmas.

January 1 – November financial reports will be due.

January 8 – Missionaries will receive their emailed statements of December Support Received.

January 11 – All missionaries will receive their final December support on this day, regardless of the day that they normally receive support.

January 15 – December financial reports will be due, along with any remaining receipts or financial paperwork for 2015.

New Missionary FamilyInboden Summer 2015

Matthew and Jennifer Inboden have recently joined the World Wide family. Matthew graduated from Ambassador Baptist College, as well as from Crown College and Emmanuel Baptist Seminary of Newington, CT. The Inbodens are sent out of the Valley Baptist Church in Edinburg, VA, with Pastor Chad Estep. Their desire is to plant a church in Columbus, Montana. They have three children: Julia-Anne (6), Gabriel (5), and Alivia (3).

Christmas Prayer Letter Services

If the Office assists with your prayer letter, please be sure to submit December letters by December 9, so that they can be mailed in time for Christmas. Due to year end procedures in our Office and at, letters may not be published between December 15 and January 5. Please plan the timing of your letters accordingly. Thank you!

Gift BoxChristmas Letterhead Templates

Did you know that we have professionally designed Christmas Letterhead templates available for your use? These are available to all missionaries, whether the Office assists in sending your letter or not. For more information, please contact Laura Cmaylo.

Ministry Equipment

World Wide is required to maintain an inventory of all equipment valued at $500 or greater that missionaries have listed on Line 15 of their financial reports. Please review your records prior to the end of the year and let us know if you have disposed of or sold any equipment this year, so that we can update our records. Income received from the sale of the equipment will need to be recorded on Line 2 of your financial reports if you previously claimed the purchase as a ministry expense. If you have any questions, please contact Naomi Torberson.

Free Bibles

Lighthouse Baptist Press Ministry is a faith promise ministry of Liberty Baptist Tabernacle in Rapid City, South Dakota. They provide printing and shipping of Bibles at no cost to missionaries and church planters around the world. For more information, you can visit their website at

Prayer & Dates: November 2015

November Prayer/Praises and Special Dates

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