From Our President: May 2016

Danny Whetstone

Paul challenged Timothy to “preach the Word.” At that time, Paul was not under house arrest, but was actually in prison awaiting execution. He knew that there would eventually be a turning from the truth. Obviously, not everyone turned to Christ when Paul preached. It seems that Paul’s warning involved religious people that appeared to be drawn to the truth, but would eventually seek teachers of their personal persuasion. They would gravitate to preachers that would tell them what they wanted to hear. So Paul admonished Timothy to stay with truth, regardless of the changing winds that would blow around him.

As proclaimers of the truth, we must not be sidetracked by the desires of others, but rather maintain a straight line with the truth. Paul did qualify his charge: Timothy was to preach the truth with “longsuffering.” Examining his ministry in Corinth would reveal Paul’s ability to deal with a disobedient people while exhibiting longsuffering among them. He also wanted Timothy to preach “doctrine.” The early believers “continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine.” If we are going to say that the Lord said a certain thing, we should know that He said it. I heard a preacher say, “I am going to preach Isaiah 6 in a way that you have never heard it before.” Well, there was a reason that we had never heard it preached that way before! He ignored the Bible completely to say what he wanted to say.

There are many good things to do, but for us, there is nothing more important that sharing divine truth. Many have fallen by the wayside, and unfortunately, many more will in the days to come. Let’s do all that we can to make a difference by consistently proclaiming the precious Word that has been faithfully handed down to us. We are called on to endure affliction, work as an evangelist, and make full proof of our ministries.

We know, as Paul did, that we are soon to be in the presence of our Lord. Can we be as confident as Paul when facing that reality? Yes, we can be, if we handle the truth as he did. We must establish and maintain the priorities in our life as Paul did so long ago. The world needs the truth today as much as any generation before us.

I pray that the Lord will bless your labor of love this month. Digest His wonderful truth and pass it on to those among whom God has called you to minister.

In His Service,
Danny A. Whetstone

From the Memo Board: May 2016

Dates to Know

May 27 – Adjusted pay date for those who normally receive funds on the 29th

May 30 – The Office will be closed for Memorial Day

June 3 – Adjusted pay date for those who normally receive funds on the 5th

June 20-24 – The Office will be closed for Family Fellowship Week

Bonikowsky Wedding

David and RaquelCongratulations to David Bonikowsky and Raquel Rodriguez, who will be married on Friday, May 6! David grew up in Spain as the son of Andy & Mimi Bonikowsky. In recent years, he has been active in the ministry that his grandparents, Al & Helga Bonikowsky, began in Irun, Spain. Raquel is the daughter of a pastor in southern Spain. Please be in prayer for this young couple as they seek the Lord’s will about future ministry opportunities. They are currently planning to remain in Spain for approximately a year, before returning to the U.S. to raise additional support.

New Baby

Congratulations to Matthew and Jennifer Inboden on the recent birth of Virginia Rose. She was born on March 27 and weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces. Virginia is their fourth child, joining older siblings Julia-Anne (7), Gabriel (5) and Alivia (3). The Inbodens have recently moved to Butte, Montana, where he will pastor the Lighthouse Baptist Church. Please pray for them in this new ministry.


Several in our missions family are graduating this spring. Please be in prayer for them as graduation_01they seek the Lord’s will concerning future plans.

Zachary Daab will be graduating from high school. He will be attending college in the U.S. this fall.

Jonathan Newton has completed his physical therapy training in India.

Joseph Zimmer has graduated from high school. He will be attending BJU this fall.

Missions Website

Missions.Today is a blog where missionaries can share resources and tips about life on the field. The goal is to provide a portal of information where missionaries can share and receive materials pertinent to missions and Christian service. The site is user-driven, and is most useful when many individuals participate in sharing information. We encourage you to browse the site and participate by posting your suggestions and ideas.

Vehicle for Sale

Missionary Sean Quinlan has for sale a 2006 Ford Turtle Top Van Terra E-350 XLT. This configuration seats 12 passengers, in addition to a copilot, and is also equipped for Quinlan Vanwheelchair access, although the wheelchair lift is not included. There is room for additional seats to be installed, if desired. The mileage is 136,900, and the engine runs well. There is some minor body work that could be done. The vehicle is located in Kings Mountain, NC. Asking price is $12,300. For more details please contact Bro. Quinlan at [email protected]. Please help spread this news if you know someone who may be interested.

Featured Article: From Night to Light


There was a man of the Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews. The same came to Jesus by night . . . and there came also Nicodemus, which at first came to Jesus by night. (John 3:1-2a, 19:39)

Three windows are all the Holy Spirit gives us to understand His work in the heart of Nicodemus, that intriguing man who visited the Savior by night. Curiously enough, the trio of accounts are in the same Gospel, the one written by fisherman John.

We find the first in chapter three, so famous for its sixteenth verse. Here the influential teacher of Israel is introduced to us as he made his initial, secretive, nighttime visit. No specific reason is given for why he chose to approach Jesus after dark, but quite clearly he did not want to be seen. Whether that was out of pure fear, professional discretion, or simple practicality will remain a mystery until we get to heaven.

The scene closes after a lengthy answer by the Lord, in which He draws special attention to the striking Old Testament story of the bronze serpent. We have no recorded response of Nicodemus, but this prophetic illustration must have made a huge impression on him.

In chapter seven a second window opens, this time into a larger setting. A furious group of Pharisees and priests are scolding some of their officers who failed to haul in Jesus as ordered. As they ridiculed the men for being swayed by the Lord’s words, the whole bunch is stunned by a voice that spoke up in Christ’s defense.

It was Nicodemus.

Again the passage closes with no comment by the teacher.

The third and final window swings open in chapter nineteen, and this time we see things happening in the broad daylight of a crucifixion scene. As the Lord is being lowered from the cross a rich member of the Sanhedrin steps forward. This man has been in the shadows for a long time, afraid to identify himself with Jesus. But now, setting aside his fears, Joseph of Arimathea asks Pilate for the crucified body.

As he goes to get it he is joined by another wealthy Jew.


Though it is impossible to enter his mind for the exact thoughts, the implication is that they were triggered by the “lifting up” of the Savior. For many months he had remembered, watched, hesitated . . . but when he saw Christ raised high on the cross the light of understanding pierced his soul.

This was what Jesus had told him would happen, back when they had had their private conversation. He was the one to look at! He was the one to believe in! He was the Savior who loved the world!

Nicodemus’ story can remind us all of an important truth as we sow the Gospel in tough hearts. God is not necessarily in a hurry like we usually are and can be working in a soul when we have no inkling of progress.

As His Spirit softens the mind and cracks its brittle arguments, the sinner is being guided to a specific crossroads. When it dawns on him that Jesus was crucified in his place, all the previous intellectual obstacles can be vaporized in a second.

And God alone will be glorified.

Dear Father, You are always doing way more than I realize, and Your calendar is perfect. Help me be faithful in sowing and confident in Your Spirit’s work.