From the Memo Board: April 2015

Important Dates

April 3
Adjusted pay date for those who normally receive funds on the 5th.

April 6
The Office will be closed in celebration of Resurrection Monday.

June 15-18
Family Fellowship Week at Brookhaven Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC.


Doctrinal Agreements

If you have submitted your doctrinal agreement statement, your new card for 2015-2016 will soon be available for you to download and print from your SecureCloud folder. If you have not yet submitted your annual agreement, please click here, or email [email protected] as soon as possible, indicating that you have read and are still in agreement with our Articles of Faith. If you have questions or concerns, please contact John O’Malley.


Estimated Payments

We often hear from tax preparers that one of the biggest issues facing missionaries at tax time is the failure to submit estimated tax payments throughout the year. Because missionaries are considered self-employed, they are liable for self-employment taxes. According to the IRS website, those who are self-employed should submit quarterly estimated tax payments if they expect to owe $1000 or more in taxes. Your tax preparer can help you to estimate how much should be submitted on a quarterly basis. The Office can assist you with submitting those payments to the IRS. For more information, email [email protected].


Ministry Bank Accounts

If your ministry has been chartered and established as a non-profit organization, we recommend having your ministry get a bank account in its name. Funds for purchases such as land may be able to be sent directly to your ministry, thus eliminating your personal tax liability. Please note that there are limitations to this option. Of course, regular support could never be sent this way. Please contact the missions office for more information.


Missions Website

Missions.Today is a blog where missionaries can share resources and tips about life on the field. The goal is to provide a portal of information where missionaries can share and receive materials pertinent to missions and Christian service. The site is user-driven, and is most useful when many individuals participate in sharing information. We encourage you to browse the site and participate by posting your suggestions and ideas.


Ian PriceNew Addition

Congratulations to David and Melissa Price on the birth of Ian George Benjamin on March 10th. Ian is the second child of the Prices. His older sister, Karis, is 2 years old. The Prices are missionaries in France.