We Will Continue

by John O’Malley

When I chose the 2022 Family Fellowship Week theme, I wanted our first annual meeting, following COVID, to publicly drive a stake deep in the ground of our heritage and make it known, We Will Continue.

We Will Continue in the same direction Pastor Wingard charted in 1971. Pastor Wingard and the Executive Board set the course for leadership qualifications, ministry philosophy, and Bible doctrine. We unapologetically will continue this course in the tradition of the “faith which was once delivered unto the saints.”

World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions will not blaze a new philosophical trail; we will walk old paths. None here are trying to find a new Gospel; we will preach the same Gospel. None here are trying to find a new kind of church; we will continue to associate with like faith and order churches. None here are trying to figure out a new Bible; we will stay with the same Bible. We Will Continue.

Please pray for those who attend this conference. We expect over 150 people to attend. Fifteen missionaries and pastors will share their positive and uplifting testimony of a defining moment in their life about continuing. In addition, six men will preach messages on continuing in the Gospel, Prayer, Doctrine, Character, Word of God, Love, and Praise.

Brother Whetstone, Dalton Heath, Mike West, and I will speak in the evening services.

We cannot live-stream these services. However, we arranged for audio and video recordings. When Family Fellowship Week is over, we intend to provide the conference’s audio in its entirety on FamilyFellowshipWeek.com as soon as we can. We will also have segments available on our podcast, Uplift.

Yours for the harvest,
John O’Malley

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