I Serve Others – Seeing: May 2021

by John O’Malley

The phrase, I Serve Others, captures all we want to do for the Lord at WWNTBM. Over the next few months, I will write on the values we hold dear in the phrase, I Serve Others. We have already looked at the words inspire, open, tender, helper, edify, and reliable.

The phrase I Serve Others, the subject of my writing over the past year, shares the core values of being part of World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions. The last word in our acrostic phrase is Seeing.

When Hagar sat waiting at the intersection of despair and hopelessness, she learned a valuable trait of God. She learned God saw her and her son.

Hagar, though in a complicated situation and a misunderstood context, found God saw her. God could see through the cultural complications. God could see her amid her moral conflicts. God could see the fruit of her womb and Abraham’s seed, though she felt alone and outcast.

God sees. In every way, the all-seeing-God saw us in Eden, Bethlehem, Calvary, and is everywhere present with us. Yes, God sees us!

God sees you in your place of service when you feel alone. God sees you when you have made a mess of life and ministry. God sees you when you are afraid. God sees you when you wonder how you are going to make it. God sees.

In your place of ministry, you recognize people long for recognition. They need to believe they matter to someone. Your ministry helps the lost know they are found. You take the hurting to where they find healing. You teach the hopeless where to find hope. You comfort those who believe they are unseen and tell them they are seen.

Ministry is helping people know God sees them. Just as God sees, God wants us to see others. God expects us to take the love He’s displayed and act on His love. (1 John 3:18)

I want your interactions with staff and leadership to let you know we see you. We see you when you are hurting. We see you when you are in conflict. We see you when you are alone. Our staff focuses on your communication. We want every response and reply to let you know: we see you and will assist.

Today, look around your life and ministry. Who around you seems to feel unseen? What can you do to speak into their life words of comfort and consolation to let them know God sees them? What can you do to assure them you are there for them and you see them?

Yours for the harvest,
John O’Malley

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