From the Memo Board: August 2017

Dates to Know

September 4 – The Office will be closed for Labor Day

Financial Status Reports

We have uploaded a Financial Status Report to your SecureCloud account. This is meant to show you the financial details that we have on file, such as your support estimate and the average amount of support you received this past quarter. This is information we provide to pastors who may call about your ministry. We ask that you update your support estimate once every four years, or as your lives and ministries change. Please review this information and contact us if you have any questions or changes.

Information for Your Supporters

As you raise support, please be sure to request that your supporters make checks payable to WWNTBM, and send checks to our PO Box rather than our street address. Our mailing address is:

PO Box 725
Kings Mountain, NC 28086

Other options for giving are available online at Making checks payable to WWNTBM, rather than to the individual missionary, can alleviate the possibility of the church needing to issue a 1099 to the missionary at the end of the year. If you have any questions about this please contact our Office.

Special Projects

If you will be raising funds for a special project please be sure your pastor is aware and approves of the project. Then, please contact our Office in advance, or as soon as it is practical, to conform to IRS guidelines for receipting purposes. In order for us to maintain our tax-exempt status the Executive Board must vote on any special projects for which funds are received in our Office.

Ministry Bank Accounts

If your ministry has been chartered and established as a non-profit organization, we recommend having your ministry get a bank account in its name. Funds for purchases such as land may be able to be sent directly to your ministry, thus eliminating your personal tax liability. Please note that there are limitations to this option, and of course regular support could never be sent this way. Please contact our Office for more info. (Remember: all banking information for new accounts should only be sent to us via the Signal Private Messenger application or by a voice call to our regular Office number. This is to protect the security of your banking information.)