A Place to Remember

by John O’Malley

Recently, I led a team of people on a See The Harvest trip to Boston and the greater New England area. We visited several ministries, met with a dozen pastors, and delivered the Gospel in public and private settings.

As I met with the spiritual leaders in this area, they reminded me of our duty to get the Gospel to the regions beyond and the regions close at hand. I saw the vacuum of the Gospel in the region.

In your place of service, you regularly see what happens to society and culture where a Gospel vacuum exists. Yes, America, especially the areas we went to, needs the Gospel.

Where you are, the people need the Gospel.

Thank you for being where you are doing what you do. You serve in unreached places amongst an untold people. Thank you for serving the cause of the Gospel.

As I met with these church planters, they reminded me of the emotional toll the ministry can take when serving in isolation or remote from other servants. These men and their wives serve the Lord in a place where few may even remember they are there.

God remembers the place He called you. God remembers your service to Him done, perhaps in isolation, in a place where Christ is not named. You are not alone.

You are seen by the all-seeing God. You are known by the all-knowing God. You are valued by the all-loving God.

Please remember your service to Christ matters. You matter to us at World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions. You make the difference between Heaven and Hell for your community.

As we enter the last third of the year, be faithful, be strong, and be true to God’s calling.

Yours for the harvest,
John O’Malley

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